The Right Solution for your Specific Application

Choose the right package for your business or sector.

Software On Premises (sOP)

You want to run your own analysis – for your own company or for your customers?

Recommended for:
  • Companies with many distributed locations
  • Sensitive sectors
  • "saaS-Provider"
  • Control and security of your data
  • No external connection

In addition to the sensors the core evaluation will be installed in your network. This ensures that all your data remain in your company under your control.

Software as a Service (saaS)

You are looking for continuous security monitoring for your Company – simple, straightforward manner with little workload?

Recommended for:
  • Medium size to large organizations
  • Start and expandable use of sensors
  • Use of managed service
  • Flexibly adaptable
  • Simple integration
  • Cloud connectivity
  • Scalability

Use your sensors to suit your very own purposes. All reporting components will be delivered right from the provider out of the trustworthy cloud. You receive access to all the necessary resources.

You decide which solution ist the best for your company. Our goal is to fit the wide range of costumer requirements. This is the chance to be successful together.

Customer requirements

Ensure your business
  • Integrity of office IT
  • Facility safety
  • Protection of web services
  • Concentration on core competences security outsourcing
  • Ensure core activities
  • Secure the networks stability
Protection of values
  • Personal data / identities
  • Company secrets
  • Access data
  • Manipulation protection