Service & Security Monitoring: consistec and finally safe enter into a technology partnership

finally safe

To offer holistic network analysis, consistec Engineering & Consulting GmbH from Saarbrücken and finally safe GmbH will work together. This technology partnership has already resulted in the creation of a new, integrated product that investigates data traffic in IT networks, with respect to both cyber security and performance.


Increasingly, and because of the advance of digital networking, it is not only operators of critical infrastructures but also industrial companies and public authorities which are presented with the challenge of ensuring reliable and smooth IT system operation. At the same time, networked systems increasingly require protection against cyber threats. To successfully offer this protection, identifying loopholes and vulnerabilities promptly and reliably is key, as it enables the interception of hacker attacks and prevention of data misuse, for example.

This is where the combined “Service & Security Monitoring” product from finally safe and consistec comes in. The two collaborative partners both specialise in monitoring and analysing network data: finally safe concentrates on aspects of information security, and has developed a platform which uses intelligent algorithms in company and authority networks to identify vulnerabilities and unusual patterns of behaviour. At consistec, meanwhile, the primary focus is failure-free and smooth operation of IT infrastructures and business-critical applications in order to guarantee performance.

The new integrated platform gives customers a unique, high-performance solution “Made in Germany”, which monitors both service and cyber security, also providing a comprehensive overview of all processes taking place on the network. This means any technical faults, drops in performance, attacks or anomalies can be reliably identified and forensically analysed.

The solution’s operation is compliant with data privacy provisions and the EU Data Protection Regulation. Customers can either implement the integrated solution locally, or within a software-as-a-service model.

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