Close your security gaps today

McAfee study: Cybercrime costs the world economy about $600 billion a year - blackmail with malware the fastest growing field of activity (2018)

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Receive the protection of the latest generation

Kaspersky Lab: 360.000 new malicious files are detected every day - 78 % are malware (2017)

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Minimize your attack surface with lasting success

Bitkom study: 53% of companies in Germany have already been victims of industrial espionage, sabotage or data theft (2017)

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  • Simple integration
  • Intuitive use
  • Self-learning
  • Made in Germany

finally safe adds a holistic view to our current systems

Chief Information Security Officer

The easy integration of the sensors into our systems as well as the fast and automatic analysis brings great added value without great effort

Network administrator

Finally we have the chance to solve specific issues in our IT-security. That leads to an even better protection of our clients data

Cybersecurity commissioner

Security intelligence with finally safe

Continuous picture of the IT situation

detection of weak points

Continuous anomaly detection

machine learning

Continuous detection of possible threats

early warning system

Strengthen your resistance - swiftly, efficiently and measurable.


Hot Trend 2018: Cryptojacking - Three Steps to Determine if your Business is Already Compromised

Cryptojacking is extremely successful for attackers, as the processes are very difficult to detect. Attacks can result in very high indirect costs. 

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Dig Deeper: Why High-Performance Network Traffic Analysis is Growing in Popularity in SIEM Environment

Network traffic analysis is more important than it has ever been - How network-based traffic analysis tools extend existing SIEM systems.

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Softshell Vendor Report 2018

finally safe GmbH receives the Silver Award in this year's Softshell Vendor Report with a score of 9.41.

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